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March 20, 201801:05 PM
Let's face it; most people aren't artists. But everyone can benefit from the freeing act of painting, drawing or s…
March 19, 201804:01 PM
March 19, 201801:13 PM
At the foot of the mountain, it's hard to imagine the view at the top. But the view is its own reward. Learn how…
March 17, 201804:04 PM
Reinventing #Recovery means letting our alumni regain their #power over #addiction. We're proud of Sara. See more…
March 16, 201801:07 PM
#Detox can be frightening - but it's not all the same. Learn about detox and other #recovery options:
March 15, 201801:16 PM
#Addiction in the #elderly often goes ignored. Think about what your parents have done for you. What you you do f…
March 13, 201801:06 PM
In #addiction recovery, you need lots of things; a great staff, good environment, desire to get better and more. B…
March 12, 201804:04 PM
How can I stop binge drinking before I become dependent or an alcoholic? Find help for alcohol abuse.…
March 11, 201801:03 PM
Our staff makes us stand out; but, our clients make us #proud.
Get started at Elevate #Addiction Services:…
March 10, 201801:09 PM
In the 21st century, we see more and more adults living at home past 18. Sometimes it's planned, sometimes…
March 9, 201801:05 PM
Don't forget the role #MentalHealth plays in #addiction #recovery. Learn more how Elevate can help you or a loved…
March 7, 201804:01 PM
Desire alone doesn't guarantee success; everyone needs a guide to #motivate and #lead. Learn more about the Elevat…
March 7, 201801:03 PM
March 6, 201801:17 PM
Not all #Addiction #Treatment programs are created equal. And they're not all one-size-fits-all.

Find your way…
March 5, 201804:07 PM
#SMARTRecovery-informed interventions offer compassionate and effective alternatives to 12-step programs…
March 4, 201804:05 PM
Six Ways the Holistic Approach Is a More Effective Type of Alcohol and Drug Rehab
March 3, 201804:10 PM
March 1, 201804:06 PM
It's so easy to avoid #rehab because of the myths that circulate around it. Time to set things straight:…
February 28, 201804:02 PM
Do you journal? It's a great way to get out thoughts and feelings you may not be able to verbalize.
February 28, 201801:02 PM
#Addiction is the definition of a rut - Elevate breaks our patients out of that rut with new perspectives - #Art…
October 19, 201710:49 AM
A thought for Tuesday! A thought for Tuesday! +1s 2 0 1
October 12, 201710:42 AM
💯✔️ .. ❤️❤️❤️ 💯✔️ .. ❤️❤️❤️ +1s 2 1 0
October 6, 201710:25 AM
Yes. All we have to do is stay positive and focus. Yes. All we have to do is stay positive and focus. +1s 0 0 0
October 4, 201712:12 PM
October 3, 201710:59 AM
October 2, 201710:39 AM
September 28, 201710:48 AM
Things left unsaid stay with us forever. Things left unsaid stay with us forever. +1s 0 0 0
September 27, 201711:51 AM
September 26, 201711:43 AM
Not to spoil the ending, but everything will be okay. Not to spoil the ending, but everything will be okay. +1s 1 0 1

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262 Gaffey Rd
Watsonville, CA 95076

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